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Growth through transitions and challenges.

Wherever you are in your life

and whatever your location.

My services

Life coaching sessions

Grow yourself and make conscious choices!

I'm Katia.

What do I offer?
I offer you coaching sessions - in person (in Singapore) or online, in English, German, Spanish and French.

Why do I coach?
Because I experienced the power and impact of coaching through my own coach training and because of my clients who trust in the transformation coaching evokes.

What’s in it for you?
Coaching is an immensely rewarding and valuable way to tackle any issue or challenge you are facing in life.
You get more clarity of thought. You also get a bigger picture of what feels “stuck”.
You look at things from a different perspective and activate your hidden resources resulting in more meaningful and conscious choices.
You go through self-discovery and explore your beliefs, values, and identity – in a safe and trusted space.
The coaching process of self-development makes you grow as a whole person.
It helps you to overcome current challenges and face future ones.
You get empowered for your life, for your future.

Whom do I coach best?
Individuals who are motivated to tackle challenges in a sustainable way: not seeking an isolated, one-time solution, but taking the opportunity to also self-develop and grow.
Individuals who are curious, ready to discover more of themselves and activate resources by identifying and eliminating self-limitations.
In brief, individuals who are courageous and eager to make their way through uncomfortable zones knowing this is the only way to grow.

How do I approach coaching?
The beauty of life is the diversity of people and the uniqueness of each of us.
While I am totally present and focused on each client, I adapt all elements and tools of my coaching to the personality and needs of you, the individual.
Together, you as the coachee and me as your coach, we work in a relationship of equal responsibility and commitment. I commit to fully serve you while you commit to complete sincerity and dedication.
Conversations that lead to self-discovery, awareness, reflection, clarity and conscious choices are at the core of my coaching.

Who am I?
I am a cross-cultural kid (one parent German, the other one French) and grew up in both countries. I have then lived, studied and worked in other countries as well (Peru, Spain, USA, China, Singapore). Both geographical and personal transitions are very present in my life: I moved and changed jobs in different situations (as single, couple, now with my husband and 2 teenagers).
After 20 years of marketing communication experience in a big corporation, I purposely looked out for a variety of professional activities to expand my horizon and find my new calling.
As self-development has always been a driver for me, I started coaching training and became a co-active coach.
Being able to support people in a sustainable and effective way, while further growing myself, continuously motivates me.

How do we get going?
We first meet so see if you feel comfortable with me and the coaching you enjoy in the session. This session is complimentary and completely free of an enrolling commitment or any obligation.
Once you decide to engage in a coaching relationship with me, we will have a “discovery session”.  A questionnaire will make you reflect and think more deeply about yourself and your life. It will also be of value for all future conversations and reflections.
In this session, we also design the way we work together; a “rule setting talk” to make sure we have a common understanding of our cooperation and so that I know how to adapt to your needs and expectations.

A few last words
I take the challenge you are facing in your life very seriously.
Coaching is not about providing a solution to a problem in a minimum amount of time. The coaching process is about serving your self-development to make you grow as a whole person. It helps you to overcome current challenges and face future ones in an empowered way.
As human beings we need time to go through transformation, change our beliefs and implement habits sustainably. Short term isolated “problem fixing” does not contribute to sustainable growth.
You will get most value out of coaching by committing to time, presence and dedication.
I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions over a period of 3 months.

Now YOU!
Ready? Curious?
I warmly invite you to a complimentary coaching session!


Support for globally mobile people

Make the most out of your move!

  • Accompanying and assisting individuals, couples or families during preparation before the move (situation analysis and personalised plan), for look-and-see, home and school search trips and during the first weeks of settling-in.

  • In German, French, Spanish, English, Chinese*

​From my own experience, I know what kind of information and support is most important beyond the logistics of a relocation: a personalised support with focus on the practical needs and individual preferences of the client along with a high consideration of the mental impact of such a transition.

My broad personal relocation experience in different constellations (both as an individual and as a family with children at different development and education stages) combined with my strong interpersonal skills enable me to satisfy those seeking a practical oriented and real life, yet mindful support during a relocation process.

*Conversational Chinese



I provide a combination of

  • Broad intercultural communication expertise from living and working
    in seven countries around the globe


  • A world-class training in coaching (Co-Active Coaches Institute)

  • Outstanding multilingual talent and skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • 20 years of corporate professional experience



My oral skills in 5 languages*.

Convince yourself by listening to my short audios


* Please read the pages in German, French, Spanish and Chinese to see that I can also write the languages I speak!

My diverse life and professional experience.

  • Substantial international exposure
    I have lived and worked in many countries and cities around the world: France (Paris), Germany (Stuttgart, Cologne, Nuremberg), Peru (Lima), USA (Washington, D.C.), Spain (Seville, Granada), China (Beijing), Singapore


  • Permanent acting in a multilingual and intercultural environment
    - Using my five languages for work
    - Having a bilingual and bicultural family life (German and French)


  • 20 years of professional experience in communication in a global corporation and smaller companies

My broad work experience in different companies and organisations.

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About me

Me in a nutshell

I am a dynamic and open-minded multilingual communication expert with 20 years of professional experience. Having grown up in a French-German environment, I soon learned how to deal with languages and cultures. I have relocated to and lived in seven countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. I thus gained fluency in three additional languages on top of my mother tongues French and German. And I know a lot about the challenges and opportunities of relocation and what it means to set up a new life in a foreign country and integrate into a new culture and society.


Living and working experience in seven countries around the world

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France and Germany

Growing up and enjoying most of my academic education in France and Germany in a bi-lingual and bi-cultural environment set the basis for the further evolution of my colourful life in many different countries and continents.

Latin America and Spain

After high school, I relocated to Peru to learn Spanish and gain first professional experience through media internships and a teaching job at the Alliance Française. Later on I also studied Latin American history and Hispanic literature at the university of Seville in Spain.


As a graduate from the university of Cologne in Germany, I decided to kick off my very first job search in China and started working in Siemens. ​20 years of experience in marketing and communications followed. I started learning Chinese and I am holding the HSK 3 level.

The anglophone world

During many periods in my life only English was spoken and written. I actively maintain the level of my English and of the other languages I speak by a permanent and disciplined practice.


Living and working for six years in the Little Red Dot compares for me to being part of a societal laboratory, in terms of races, languages, state organization and administration. 

In Germany now, I offer my services combining my cross-cultural coaching skills, my relocation expertise and my professional experience to help you grow fully aware and move smoothly.

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